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I can't handle this still.

Matt Smith reading his script for "The Time of the Doctor" :'( Doctor Who

I love Nine. I'd forgotten how funny he and Rose and Jack were together. :( I miss them so much!

I love Nine. Watch have had a load of his episodes on recently. I'd forgotten how funny he and Rose and Jack were together. I think that if he had more episodes he would be a more popular Doctor

Oh River....

I was on my way to this gay gypsy bar mitzvah for the disabled, when I suddenly thought, 'Gosh. The Third Reich's a bit rubbish. I think I'll kill the Führer." Oh, River.

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Via "The Doctor & Rose Tyler ღ ~TimeLady" Facebook

" It's moments like these where you realize how Rose completely saved the Doctor. He was in self-destruct mode until this pink and yellow human healed his hearts and taught him to love again. My favorite doctor

The Most Important Leaf In History!

Jenna-Louise Coleman Gives Us the Lowdown on Doctor Who's New Companion

This is awesome. I really like that Tennant actually says he doesn't like the new Tardis as the doctor hehe

"What would you steal from the Eleventh Doctor?" David: "I love his TARDIS, it's a wonderful piece of work." "What would you steal from the Tenth Doctor: "Rose, 'cause I love Billie, she's a good friend." "So they want to steal each other's girlfriends?

Doctor Who

200 years passed between Rose's departure and the Doctor's marriage to River. 200 years in the Doctor's timeline and only two years of mine. I'm not done grieving Rose to allow him to find love again.


But it's Sontaran; you need three fingers. "You've got three fingers" Oh yeah!

He was warning us! - It was the empty child episode that he said that. People died in the first episode including the man rose went to for info on the doctor

"Marilyn get your coat!" love those humorous moments in Doctor Who! I feel like he gets married/engaged often.

Doctor Who - A Christmas Carol - Kissing & the Doctor gets engaged to Marilyn Monroe

WHY. WOULD. YOU. POST. SOMETHING. LIKE. THAT?! IT'S. DO. SAD! (Can you hear me crying) (Can you see the tears)

That explains all those photos of the Ninth Doctor by himself, even though he had clearly just regenerated when he met Rose.