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  • Raynette Beatty

    Funny thing is...I put this in my kids Easter Baskets this year...and they're in college! They LOVE it!

  • Janice Sciscento


  • Jodie

    If you got this in your trick or treat bag you were doing great!!

  • Jessica Hernandez

    Ahhh old school memories

  • Marit Fastner

    Fun Dip wrapper. I remember this was one of my favorite candies to get as a kid

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LOVED this did my hair stylist. She (and other girls in the shop) couldn't believe this was the shampoo (with matching conditioner) I used. It kept my fine, flyaway hair from being frizzy without weighing it down...and it made your hair really SHINE! Salon gals couldn't believe it because this shampoo was considered "cheap."

Mercurochrome... If you read the words above and cringed then you know exactly what I'm talking about! It came in a little bottle with a cap that served as a dropper or just had a stick on it. It was this reddish orange color that stained everything it touched including your skin for days. And it was what my mom used on every cut or scrape throughout my childhood. Just the mention of it brought tears to my eyes.

lik-m-aid...dip your candy stick into the packet of pixie stix type candy powder

Lik-m-aid Fun Dip - 3-flavor candy package - 1986

Fun Dip! We used to get these at baseball games. For some reason I felt like I was a bad-ass when I ate this...probably the extreme amounts of sugar.

This is a huge classic game from the past! I guess every kid had one! I had one in my time, back in the 70s........ It was a fun game, where you would throw the sticks on the floor or table and then players would take turns in removing one stick at a time without moving the other sticks! If you failed you would loose! The winner was the last player standing! Fun, fun, fun!!!

Wham-o Superelasticbubbleplastic ... this stuff was SO COOL!!!!!

Old Toys R Us sign. Remember this jingle?: "The world's biggest toy store is Toys 'R' Us! The biggest selection -- Toys 'R' Us!

I loved these and the invisible ink question books. My mom would buy me one at the pharmacy on Neighborhood Rd after a trip to the doctor.

These were fun...and indestructible! They had the name of each type of food printed on the back. #Mattel Tuff Stuff Foods