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  • Geneva Blunt

    hahahaha i'm gonna take it and put it in my pocket and feed it organic carrots and make it a little mini house with a mini lawn and mini bed and ohhhh its just so cuuuuute!!!! *white bunny, baby bunny, animals, cute overload, white rabbit*

  • Kristen Sindoni

    It's a spring baby bunny! So cute!

  • Tammy Painter

    .Easter bunny! So cute ;)

  • Danielle Keller

    This thing is so cute

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“Magician” Oh No I got it wrong again..The bunny is suppose to come out of the hat not in a tea cup

Bunny. Do not give bunny as Easter gift. Please do lots of homework about rabbits before adopting one. They chew constantly, are not easy to house train, may not like to be held, shed constantly and can scratch you. Many end up euthanized or in shelters after Easter. They are super cute, I know.


lop-eared bunny...... I really want to try giving bunnies a second chance but they aren't the sweetest things ever....

Thought this bunny was cute....I love you my precious Lyla and I will always miss you!

I had to make a board titled "Cute things" just for this picture! baby lionhead rabbit