Kiva Ford's tiny anatomical heart in a closed jar.

Anatomical Heart in a Jar Hand Blown Glass Miniature by kivaford

Retro heart shaped windchime


Key to My heart in a bottle

Anatomical Barbie by Jason Freeny

Tiny Terrariums

Ventricle Vase (WANT)

Mechanical heart paper sculptures make our 'foldy' business cards look amateur.

Body Heart, Mugs Galore, Heart Shape, Human Heart, Anatomical Heart, Sacred Heart, Broken Heart


I don't even... So many Pikachus! This picture pleases me.

Stone wall heart accent... very cool.

Heart-shaped hole in a tree

felt heart weaving

#Hearts #Graffiti #Art

Anatomically Correct LEGO Man


so pretty

Micro rubber duck in a tiny bottle love this. #rubberduckie #duck I love rubber ducks and I love things in bottles!!!