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Electricity from waste heat thanks to a pyroelectric nanogenerator

How Nanogenerators works



Taking advantage of the triboelectric effect, Professor Zhong Lin Wang and his team at Georgia Tech are harvesting wasted power with nanogenerators that capture mechanical #energy from sources ranging from walking to ocean waves. The #technology is also used in a new type of self-powered sensor capable of detecting very minute vibrations. [VIDEO] #physics

VIDEO: Nanogenerators from simple movements will revolutionize the future of electronics #nanogenerators #energy #electronics #futureenergy #nanotech #energygeneration #amazing #tech #science #technology #nanotechnology #technologicaladvancement

Nanogenerator Recharges Devices With a Jostle, Swipe, or Tap - Businessweek

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dandelion after the rain.

Need to heat your planet? Install some dinosaurs. The biggest plant-eating dinosaurs pumped out huge amounts of greenhouse gas, helping to keep Earth toasty warm, according to new calculations.

Three major and many minor craters in Acidalia Planitia on Mars

Thorns by Darren Stone

An impressive river valley in Acidalia Planitia

Dragon approaching Space Station

A rare carbon star surrounded by a gas shell ejected about 800 years ago

Milky Way rings like a bell, researchers say

The Tycho supernova remnant is the result of a Type Ia supernova explosion. The explosion was observed by Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe in 1572. More than 400 years later, the ejecta from that explosion has expanded to fill a bubble 55 light-years across. In this image, low-energy X-rays (red) show expanding debris from the supernova explosion and high energy X-rays (blue) show the blast wave - a shell of extremely energetic electrons.

Chronicle of a disaster foretold: head-on collision between Andromeda and the Milky Way

Aerographite — New Lightest Material in the World

Pollen on a miner bee.

Seed Pods