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    Morning light ~ Norwegian photographer Odin Hole Standal woke up early one morning, went outside and made giant soap bubbles. Here are his beautiful results. Look at the lovely sunrise!

  • Lauri Flynn

    mountain sunset in the bubble :) | Morning light reflected in a soap bubble over the fjord by Odin Hole Standal

  • Kathryn Jentz

    Morning light reflected in a soap bubble over the fjord by Odin Hole Standal #Photography #SoapBubble #Norway #legit

  • Tina Cheng

    Morning light reflected in a soap bubble over the fjord by Odin Hole Standal #Photography #Soap_Bubble #Norway. Wow, this picture is very nicely captured. The light in the bubble illustrates a beautiful array of light not shown in the background. It really adds to the overall shot. It's like you can see a part of the world that is not meant to be seen in the bubble, the bubble with a lifespan of a second.

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In Etruscan mythology, Leinth is the Goddess of Death, whose name means "Old Age" or "Old Woman". In art, she was portrayed with the face veiled. Leinth's name is related to many gloomy words in Etruscan, such as leine, "to die"; leinie, "dead" or "inert"; another more literal meaning of Her name is "She Who Stops". Despite Her name She is depicted as a young Goddess.

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The dress, the pose, the door- all perfect. Although, I think what I like most about this is how classy the tattoo looks

dark princess - in the long sleeve gold embroaided red velvet dress, in front of red seamless.

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So beautiful! And it's by a modern photographer named Petrova Julian. I'm not sure what language her site is in? Maybe Russian? But her images are dreamy!

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Cross . God . Cemetery . Death (La Croix des Maux) by Tiquetonne2067, via Flickr ~ Paris, Ile-de-France, France

Dogwood blossom - The blooms often appear in the shape of a Cross with holes in the tips of the pedals signifying the nails that were driven into the Cross. If you look closely at these holes you can notice a faint red stain representing the Blood. In the center you will find a green bloom symbolizing the crown of thorns placed on the head of Jesus.

one way... ♥