cemetery massachusetts | Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts

The intricately-carved white marble gravestone of Mary Wigglesworth, who died just shy of her first birthday, is an empty bassinet, her ins…

Now I lay me down to sleep...  Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Boston MA

8 Awesome & Creepy Tombstones

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We love this helpful graphic to understand what tombstone symbols represent.  Credit: http://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/a-graphic-guide-to-cemetery-symbolism

A Graphic Guide to Cemetery Symbolism

This cemetery symbolism infographic from Atlas Obscura details the meaning of the most commonly used decorative gravestone markers.


Roaslie Raymond White - Infant Daughter of Blake. and Rosalie Raymond White - Born: January 1882 - Died: September 1882 - Magnolia Cemetery - Charleston, Charleston County, South Carolina, USA

Memorable Gravestones Part 2 | Woman laying in the Grass Gravestone in  Auckland, New Zealand. Her tombstone reads, “Truly, she gave her all in loving service”

woman figure lying in grass - Located at Swanson Cemetery in New Zealand tombstones, gravestones statues, markers,

Joseph "Josie" Lyon - Calvary Cemetery, Chicago

Calvary's most remarkable monument is that of Joseph "Josie" Lyon, who died in 1891 at the age of nine.

Cemetery Explorers: Granite BMW Car Monument.

Granit BMW Grabstein in London. // Granite BMW Car Monument, Manor Park cemetery in London.

The story of Inez Clarke - very sad; the statue is pretty amazing though.

Graceland Cemetery, Chicago: In six-year-old Inez Clarke was struck and killed by a bolt of lighting. Her parents had an artist create a sculpture in her likeness and placed it over her grave.


Memorial Sculpture by Mariano Benlluire for Joselito ~ El Gallo San Fernando Cemetery, Spain "To live in the hearts of those you love is not to die"

Vivian Mae Allison (1894-1899) is buried in the Connersville City Cemetery in Connersville, Indiana. Inside is tiny dolls and furniture, and on the roof sits tokens from recent visitors.

The dollhouse grave marker of Vivian Mae Allison in the Connersville City Cemetery in Connersville, Indiana. I have always loved this headstone and I have often wondered about the story behind it.

Snow kissed angel

Winter Cherub love cherubs so cherub please make the snow go away

This is the grave that contains Mozart's wife, Mozart's father, and Constanze Mozart's second husband.  There is something profoundly absurd about this arrangement since Mozart's wife and father despised each other, and now they're stuck together forever.  And what would crusty old Leopold have though about the second husband being there, too?

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