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    Or is it the other way around? Sneaky => Strict. Click image for playlist about kids.

    music. music. music. music. music. music. music. music.

    Happy Friday! Get ready to dance and click through to enjoy this playlist of epic rock hits from the 1980s.

    Click this free "Top Jazz Tracks" playlist to get you through the rest of the week.

    Click and listen to this short playlist of songs about the drop:

    Enjoy free songs about the sun in this short summer playlist.

    Best party music about clouds, free in a playlist: "Dancing In The Clouds." [click image]

    R.I.P. to composer and keyboard killer, Jon Lord, of Deep Purple! He passed away at seventy-one years old on Monday, though his music will live on forever. Click and listen to his influence in paving the metal/rock road with this(free) best of Deep Purple playlist.

    Happy 4th of July!! Click for a playlist of red, white, and blue music.

    Click to check out this epic set of songs “All About The Words” free on Playlist!

    Remember disco queen, Donna Summer (passed one year ago today) with this free playlist! R.I.P.

    This playlist has covers, covers of covers & things that sound like they're covers. Click for a free playlist.

    Check out this Michael Jackson tribute that includes pre-show music to the Captain EO movie.

    Share this free Beastie Boys tribute playlists. R.I.P. to Adam Yauch (Aug. 5, 1965 - May 4, 2012) of Beastie Boys!

    Free Nirvana Greatest Hits Playlist.

    Free Cage The Elephant playlist!

    If you even think you are in to dubstep, then click through to check out 200 free songs in this playlist;

    With over a thousand FREE tracks to graze on, there's something in this for everyone. Click to check out this special selection of user playlists, filled with oldies music! (

    Come get some FREE down-home country music out here in the wide open "Playlist Country." Click through to find a hand full of Texas sized country playlists to listen to or share with your family & friends for FREE. (

    We recently put our ears to work and picked more than one-hundred playlists that we want to share with you. They are categorized by musical genre and should all sound reasonably true to their titles. Conveniently located at custom addresses which are easy to remember and share with friends, please take these playlists for a spin!

    Coming at you with a DJ Shadow playlist. Click to listen and feel free to share our favorite DJ Shadow tracks. NICE!

    Get “Metal to the core” with this heavy metal playlist.

    Choose from eight great REGGAE playlists here filled with over one-thousand songs.

    Fantastic 70s songs! When we say "70s" playlist, don't just think disco. Rock N' Roll was reaching new heights at the same time the synthesizer went mainstream. Following free-love and party culture from the sixties, you can hear how creative expression was catapulted some four decades passed.

    Something for everybody. "This playlist is where it's at."