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I love Psych quotes.

Psych-hahaha "gus-how do you just eat when there's a dead guy laying there?" "shawn- what is that rude? am i supposed to share?

Shawn Spencer's one-liners rock.

psych Henry and Shawn have an awesome Father/Son relationship :) this is kinda like my mom and I lol<<while they are really amusing to watch, I'm not sure they have the best relationship.


Oh but he did, in a way (Lion King/Star Wars/James Earl Jones crossover) (what movie is this I don't know)

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Best friends <3

Shawn Spencer & Burton "Gus" Guster, my favorite BrOTP, from the American TV series "Psych"

Jennifer Lawrence’s shady past… Oh my!!:D

Funny pictures about Jennifer Lawrence's shady past. Oh, and cool pics about Jennifer Lawrence's shady past. Also, Jennifer Lawrence's shady past.

I JUST WATCHED THIS EPISODE! I love it soo much...

He has the understanding, but hates rules, plus he has to do his "psych" thing before any of the cops get there.well, that is when they snoop the place before the cops have arrived on scene.


I am the best observer you know. last week you thought a sponge in the psych office was an owl. if you'd stop buying them in bird colors, that would stop happening ;