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That episode where a spaceship full of dinosaurs is pirated by Filch, who takes captive Queen Nefertiti, who then runs away with Lestrade. And Arthur Weasley drives the spaceship.

This is brilliant. Brilliant and amazing and feels-y. Love it. Thank you, Tumblr.

Doctor Who Poster: Closing Time Poster- Science Fiction Art Print. via Etsy.

oh doctor... <---- My favorite explanation ever!

One Of My Favorite Lines From The Doctor

Watching this right now. 2:30 in the morning and the doctors on a dinosaur with Rory and Arthur Weasley. And they say youneed sleep.

Now, this is Doctor Who, really it. Except for Matt Smith--really? If they were going to add a modern doctor, why couldn't it have been Tennant--by FAR the better choice, there.

Staal the not-quite-so-undefeated-anymore. Doctor Who. David Tennant.

If the 1000ish year old time lord has a Christmas list, then your argument is automatically rendered invalid.

And now we wait for what you will do next.

YOU ARE STILL A COSMIC NINE YEAR OLD. I love Amy in the background like "Doctor what are you doing. It's not like a dinosaur in your picturebooks. It can actually eat you so we need to run now okay"