The definition of awkward.

reasons to love atla

reasons to love atla

reasons to love atla

ATLA everyone


Reasons to love Avatar? SOKKA! This was one of my fave scenes ever!

Azula trying to flirt...

reasons to love avatar


reasons to love atla

reasons to love atla

''No, you idiot. It's the girl!''

Toph the coolest of all the characters in ATLA...

Reasons to love Avatar

The Legend of Korra/ATLA: oh the good ol days

ATLA - Toph, Sokka: avatar last airbender :)

atla name meanings

ATLA 30 day challenge day 6: which element would you bend?: Air. Airbenders are nice, easy going " lets not kill eachother" people who get to eat fruit pies and fly on thier gliders and live in cool temples on mountains and fly thier sky bisons into the sunset....if that isn't life I don't know what is :D

Just another reason to love atla

SO TRUE! Some ATLA endings were creepy and depressing, but ALL of the LoK endings are doom and despair!