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  • Velocity Girl.

    #vidalsassoon #60shair

  • Decorama Vintage Modern

    Vidal Sassoon: How One Man Changed the World With a Pair of Scissors- must see documentary if you are interested in 1960s fashion and modern style.



  • Julia Rottbøll

    Vidal inspired more than a handful of my favorite cuts but more than that he inspired a complete shift in design and style. Culture hangs on his shoulders. Precise perfection … Au Revoir Vidal Sassoon!

  • Fiona Swanson

    RIP Vidal Sassoon...

  • Fiona waters

    Vidal Sassoon « Hair Inspiration my idol

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Vidal Sassoon hair-styles

“Dark Lady”, 1974 Hairstyle by Vidal Sassoon

Nancy Kwan's hairstyle by Vidal Sassoon - I always wished I had the chin and cheekbones to pull off one of Sassoon's bobs.

VIDAL,Now that is a haircut! I love doing cuts like this. I am Vidal Sassoon trained. Plus Japanese precision with my own technique. RIP Vidal Sassoon one hell of an innovator!

Lots of interesting looks. Vidal Sassoon Dies But His Cuts Live On. A Look At The Hair Master's Muses And Styles.

The Vidal Sassoon Effect: A Look Back at His Famous Cuts From the 1960s to Now.... Vidal Sassoon was an extraordinary man. He was an artist…a talent and a visionary. Vidal has created a signature with hair that was to this day the strongest most identifiable. He paved the way to introduce contemporary hairstyles and made an incredible impact on the fashion and beauty communities....RIP

Peggy Moffitt 60年代時裝界靈感女神,由維達•沙宣(Vidal Sassoon)主理髮型

In memory of a true icon in the hair industry, Vidal Sassoon. Here his signature style, the five point cut. Moving away from the heavy helmet hair of the 1960s, he created “wash and wear” hairstyles for the modern woman.