peacock eyeshadow

Makeup look inspired by unicorn eggs. I'm using Sugarpill lashes and eyeshadows and Makeup Geek eyeshadows!


Colorful neon eye make-up with a crystal accented gradient brow, titled 'Neon Bitch' by Emanuele Castelli.


So today I have done the next make up look for the horoscope series, which would be Aquarius. The colours for Aquarius are turquoi.

Colorful red and purple eye shadow with gold glitter and crystals to enhance a risqué Victorian fantasy makeup look. Description from I searched for this on

Lit Cosmetics ♥ ♥ best glitter i've EVER seen! using Abba, elton jon, and magic dragon. Material girl on eyebrows. Also Sugarpill Cosmetics