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  • Tiffani Gardner

    Long Distance Relationship, i'm in one, totally worth it. <3

  • Angie Fedon

    Wow! Love this! Hope we don't have to be bold forever, but I definitely know a good thing when I see (and kiss) it! ;-)

  • Danette💕

    Soon to be a 2 year long longdistance relationship

  • Sidney Deal

    Deployment relationship inspiration :)

  • Naszira Amacher

    Describes my relationship perfectly! One of my favorite quotes 💕

  • Aria Guilbeau-Horton

    Long distance love quote. So, so, so true. Also very glad that our long distance relationship is now a marriage and life together!

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Communication is both an expressive, message-sending, and a receptive, message-receiving, process. Failure to communicate effectively can be due to a problem on either or both ends of the process. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Be direct and honest; don't dance around the issue or play games.

My husband told me one night... and I know it's corny & a movie line... That I made him want to be a better man. It was THE moment I knew we would never be apart again. (Long love story, over many years.) Those of you who know us... You know what I'm talking about! - my mom

You make this long distance relationship worth it. Since Garrett and I will no longer be living in the same county or even time zone after the first of the year.

It's for those mature enough to sacrifice and compromise together with the same goal! No matter the distance, love when true never fails.

Emotionally Potty Training Men Are The Biggest Waste of Time and Energy.

#relationship You deserve to actually be happy. Not just comfortable.

Those unexpected relationships that swept you off your feet and challenged every view you've ever had

Ah can't wait for the next time this is me. :(

♥♥. Great relationship quote - two shall become one - sharing the UPS and downs... No relationship is all sunshine But the two can share one umbrella and survive the storm together. Unity. Love. Communication. Other focused.

A relationship isn't defined by the number of kisses you exchange a day, or the number of likes the pictures that you post on Facebook together may receive. A relationship is about being with someone who makes you happy in ways that no one else can. A true lover is someone that sees your potential and that will push you to achieve it by all means.