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Homemade Non-Toxic Handsoap ~ Make an entire gallon of non-toxic, all natural, organic liquid hand soap? Three dollars and fifty cents. Total. For an entire gallon. -- thecounselingteac...

Homemade-liquid-hand-soap- Warning, You are going to love this! This is such a good idea! Loved This....

Home Made Liquid Hand Soap 3 bars of soap 6 cups of water - Grate the soap with a cheese grater. Heat soap and water over medium high heat. Stir until soap all dissolves. Pour into a glass jar or bowl and allow to cool. After about 24 hours it will thicken to the right consistency. Fill your liquid soap dispensers and store the rest in a covered container.

Body wash from a bar of soap. If it doesn't thicken, try mixing 3 tbsp salt in warm water until dissolved, then slowly add to soap mixture. Leave alone again and wait! The salt made mine start to thicken in about 30 minutes.

homemade liquid soap - DIY liquid soap. Apparently it's really foamy and makes a lot for cheap. Uses lye.

Homemade Liquid Soap. Just combine 1 gal. Water, 2 T. Liquid glycerin ( find in pharmacy) and 1 bar of a good quality, natural soap; grated. (Don't use soaps with additives like moisturizers, etc such as Dove-they won't work) Heat over med/high heat until dissolved. Cool 12 hours. Mix with hand mixer to make a smooth consistency. Voila! Hand soap/body wash at a fraction of store cost.

Homemade Felted Soap