Meet Oogy, Oogy was about ten weeks old and weighed 20 pounds he was tied to a stake and used as bait for a Pit Bull. The left side of his face including most of his ear was torn off. He was bitten so hard a piece of his lower jaw was crushed. Afterward, he was thrown into a cage and left to bleed to death. If you have time to reblog pointless hipster photos, you’ll have time to reblog this, respect for Oogy; I started crying when reading this, the people that did need to be hurt. Badly. ...

Pit Bull puppy is determined

Pit Bulls

Basset Love!!! Squishy velvet...

Elephants are said to be one of the most selfless animals.

Inari Foxes - oh my gosh. Cutest thing ever. It is like pikachu in real life

"Lily, a great dane lost his eyesight due to a rare disease. He became disheartened until he met Madison. They have been together for 5 years and Madison guides Lily by the leash and touches him to make sure he doesn't stumble over anything." True Friendship. Wow~

Orphaned foal's best friend is a teddy bear called Button

This makes me very sad and very happy at the same time. Look how happy he is now!!! awwwww! <3

Love this, Quetzalcoati, national bird of Guatemala

baby basset

Kiss a bull

this sums it up (sadly)

True story


This has got to be one of the most beautiful pit bull I've ever seen! A blue pit bull.

The caption is just UGH.. “Let people know there are animals out there that need us desperately. And to always treat them with the same dignity and kindness we would like to recieve ourselves.” Photo: Kitten. October, 2011; Thailand flooding disaster.

Handdsommee boyy

How I sleep every night...

Labrador Love