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Bart Hess, Slime series.

Bart Hess - It's not even a sculpture, it's a human but I need a place to pinned it!

Dutch designer Bart Hess demonstrated the art of the precision cutting using a two-meter long blade...

Sublime, slimy and sci-fi-ish photo series by Bart Hess. Bart Hess works in primitive and infinite ways. He works with his instinct and starts by using a material on the body, exploring volumes and ways of re-shaping the human silhouette. In fast speed, expelling all his creative energy.

Process of artistically shaving a "swimmer" with a two-meter long blade. Directed by Bart Hess.

▶ "The Umbrella" by Tell No One - YouTube

Swimmer Shaved by Bart Hess

silicone sickness v2 terminal stage

#Partita. Benjamin Millepied x Philip Glass The Iconic Composer Sets the Score for the Star Choreographer's New Dance Film Dancer Craig Black writhes his way through a period apartment in upstate New York’s Mount Kisco in Benjamin Millepied and violinist–turned-creative director Tim Fain’s saturated short.