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How to keep your hair colour on-point when you can’t make it to the salon

Primp Tip: How to Find the Perfect Part

If your face is long or oval Side parts are ideal for ladies with longer, narrower faces. By donning an off-center part, you will create the illusion that your face is a tad wider than it actually is. I tried this out and looked better immediately!

bear-ly there (truelane)

I always like the idea of wearing my hair up, but I hate feeling like whatever style I throw it into will fall out at the slightest turn of my head. I like my hairstyles to feel secure, and most updos

23 Five-Minute Hairstyles For Busy Mornings

Rushing to get your hair done doesn’t have to result in a mess and I’m sure these tips would come in handy during those “I’m so late for school” moments that you ever so often have.   The Love Knot Image Source: Pretty simple, eh?   Knot Your Pony No...