Cenote Ikil, Chicen Itza, Mexico

Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas - Mexico



Rio Celeste waterfall, Costa Rica

Cancun Underwater Museum - Mexico ~ @My Travel Manual

Hidden beach , Marieta Island, off the coast of Mexico

Isle Cartel ‘A Lover’s Dream’ ~ I move fearlessly into a crystal blue night through the mountain’s misty air as I head toward the universe along surreal and distant shores. Father Moon shows me the way from high above. Spectacular Shining Stars adorn this new and glorious morn. that I adore. Sun for the day and Moon for the night directs me. I see now that all will be right. It is a good night as I forge bravely and trustingly ahead. I am bathed in moonbeams and bright starlight ~

Playa del Carmen

Waterfall Mountain Hotel, Chile

Renting a glass igloo in Finland to sleep under the Northern Lights.

Snorkeling in the Cenotes of Mexico.

Tabacon Hot Springs at the foot of the Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica. I want to go to back to Costa Rica! PURA VIDA!!

U.S. Virgin Islands

Bucket list of places to go.

Blue Lake, Kandersteg, Switzerland

Acapulco Mexico

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majestic pool view, Santorini, Greece