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Wayne Dyer Ah Meditation with manifestation mantras- part 1 9:52 I really like this one- does cut off at the end, I'm guessing because I need to go to part 2.

Wayne Dyer morning Ah meditation part 2. 9:52

this one isn't a meditation, but is an explanation of some things to do with meditation. Wayne Dyer has a beautiful voice.

The Power of Intention - Dr Wayne Dyer

Meditate on it...

Clearing Negativity

aura meditation


Body Scan Meditation

Midsummer Meditation - YouTube

"perfect day meditation"- I haven't tried it yet 8:07

3:00 meditation with Andrew Weil

short om meditation with Dean Ornish

guided meditation for health and healing and relaxation- has affirmations 6:32

Guided mindfulness meditation

4:48 guided meditation with Deepak Chopra