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  • Deborah White

    Does digital marketing confuse you? Then you are not alone. This infographic shows the volume of new social categories, blogs, sharing sites and social media firms that currently exist. Can you guess which social network is missing off of this infographic? I'll give you a hint it encourages users to Pin It.

  • Ian Said

    This INSANE Graphic Shows How Ludicrously Complicated Social Media Marketing Is Now #SocialMedia #Marketing #Infographic

  • Focus USA

    Maybe this is the reason General Motors went "mental" and pulled its Facebook ad budget. Digital marketing is confusing—really confusing—as this insane graphic shows (above). Trying to navigate through the various new social media categories, blogs, sharing sites, and social media firms is an absolute mess. This depiction of the digital marketing landscape was shown at a Buddy Media event marking the launch of the social marketing software agency's new suite of measurement tools.

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