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  • Bryan Hex

    If anyone knows who the artist is, please let me know, so that they are properly credited. Thank you.

  • Mark West

    An illustration by Virgil Finlay for the story "Black Angels Have No Wings", which appeared in Amazing Stories, August 1952

  • Aviva Gabriel

    Virgil Finlay. Bats, Pipistrelli ●彡

  • Meg Larson

    Her strong enchantments failing, Her towers of fear in wreck, Her limbecks dried of poisons And the knife at her neck, The Queen of air and darkness Begins to shrill and cry, "O young man, O my slayer, To-morrow you shall die.” O Queen of air and darkness, I think ‘tis truth you say, And I shall die tomorrow; But you will die to-day. - Her Strong Enchantments Failing, AE Houseman Illustration by Virgil Finlay.

  • Allerleihrauch


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VIRGIL FINLAY. Not sure what print method?

Illustration by Virgil Finlay from a story called "Black Angels Have No Wings" by Rog Phillips, Amazing Stories, 1952.

Contracture Provoquée from "Sorcellerie Magnétisme, Morphinisme Délire des Grandeurs.'

Three Haggard-looking Old Women, Possibly Witches, Beating the Devil to the Ground Devilish creatures in the sky, landscape background; another impression; large section at lower right made up. Etching made by Daniel Hopfer, Germany, 1505-1536.

i'm not sure i want to be her friend, but i enjoy watching her from a safe distance!

Macbeth’s downfall is his increasingly brutal murders (of Duncan’s servants, Banquo, Lady Macduff and her son). Macbeth’s second meeting with the witches foresee's Macbeth’s downfall when he has his final confrontation with Macduff and the opposing armies.

Virgil Finlay