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Educational iPad apps

Word Work Center <3

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{Must-Have Educational Apps} Do your kids have a favorite?

Moms with apps they find great stuff and review it.

List of Free Educational Apps

Are your students sick of the same old spelling homework each night

iPads in the Classroom: App Recommendations Galore! Good, extensive list...not just this fluency app. is an app developer that has many, many apps (mostly free) with flash cards of various vocabulary classes. They also have a cool "Problem Solving" series of 3 apps called, What Rhymes? Which does not belong? and Which goes together. Check them out

Apple App for running reading record calculator!

Reading Rainbow app

Recommended Homeschool Apps - Pioneer Woman

Learn With Homer: One of the best educational apps for kids we've seen...and it happens to be free.

A Database of over 500 FREE educational apps sorted by grade level and content area... at your fingertips.

Free spelling mats for short o -- use the printable milk cap letter patterns or just write on the milk caps with a Sharpie

Another good game for kids while babysitting. Good game to play with the cousins over summer and christmas.

math freebies - lots of great ones