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William's Doll

My eldest nephew is about to have his first child any day now. The baby is overdue and both parents are on pins and needles waiting. Even today, my eldest nephew is considered old for a first pare...
  • Margo DeGange, M.Ed.

    Thumbelina was my all time favorite doll in the 60's. The version I had was the one with the string. You pulled the string and she moved like a real little baby.

  • Vintagerous

    William's Doll - I loved my thumbalina doll!!!

  • Kristi Hazelrigg

    Baby Thumbelina doll - one of my most cherished toys; I still have two of them

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Thumbelina Doll. This was my favorite doll growing up!

Thumbelina She had a knob in the back you could wind and then she moved. My favorite doll. A kid my mom babysat painted nail polish all over her. I was devastated! A few years ago my mom found one in a magazine and bought it for me, sweetest gift ever!

Thumbelina doll from 60's-- Loved this little doll. You pulled the string and she wiggled around! Probably my first baby doll.

Sunshine Family-My sister bought me this. My best present ever. I had the fold out house too. :)

1960s Ideal Thumbelina Doll - Not sure, but I think she was mine. Then again, I pretty much claimed anything in the house as mine.

Thumbelina Doll - My Mom talks about having one of these dolls when she was a kid...I had never seen one before!

Later as a young adult, I sang this to all three of my children when they were babies. Where did all that time go?

I soooo luved my Thumbelina doll. I loved how she moved like a real baby.

Chatty Cathy pull string talking doll of the 60's. My dad brought me one home from spoke Japaneses:(

Gerber Baby is a GIRL! Despite the rumor, Humphrey Bogart is not the iconic Gerber Baby - it is Ann Turner Cook! Illustrator Dorothy Ann Smith drew her neighbor's beautiful and happy baby for the Gerber Baby contest in 1928. The simple charcoal sketch won and became the official Gerber trademark in 1931!!

Vintage Dawn Doll.Longlocks. .I still have two. One's bald after one of my master cuts.

Timey Tell -- came with her own watch and one for you, too! I had this and LOVED HER:)