I like this product a lot, It's not as potent as OxyElite Pro, but it does the job. I switched to this product because I don't like to use the same product over and over. $40

After getting it I was able to easily cook sushi rice as well as accurately gauge how much rice to cook for four people without waste. I have yet to burn a batch and the item itself is idiot proof, flip the switch and go find something else to do. The warmer function works as advertised and I have been able to successfully leave the rice in for over an hour with no adverse effects. $13.64

These work so well! I used a whole box, and over a month I received more and more comments on how white my smile was, and to this day my teeth are shiny, white, and all thanks to these whitening strips. Definitely buy these! $40.99

This kitchen scale is perfect. It's very small and lightweight, so it's easy to store. It's easy to operate and allows you to change the type of measurement and add a tare weight also. Highly recommend. $25.00

I use the obagi clear with a generic 10 percent retin a. It works wonders in a realLy short space of time to clear up my post acne hyperpigmentation. It also brings acne to a head much faster and so I no longer get deep cystic acne that takes forever to go away. $40.00

This is a great bathroom scale. Weight is measured to the nearest tenth of a pound and is quite accurate. The scale is fairly easy to set up and will provide additional measurements for: % body fat; % water composition; % muscle composition and bone ratio. While these measurements have greater fluctuation and less accuracy than the weight measurement, they are useful as trend indicators. $46.95

I didn't expect for this product to work but within 2-3 uses I saw results! I'm not a person that normally likes this type of stuff but honestly I am glad I bought it! It works! And it's cheap! AND - It's better to find these products on Amazon because they offer it at better prices than most drugstores around me (compare at 50.99!!!!)! Def. recommend this product to any and everybody that wants to whiten their teeth! Great product! $33

The water pik flosser arrived in great condition, and it works as advertised, perhaps even better. It has more options than I remembered. How about that? I can vary the water pressure and change the pik itself to vary the type of cleaning I want or need. I'm glad I purchased it. $46.97

Water Bottle with Storage Compartment

Combination Knife & Precision Rule by Garrett Wade: Slim, double bladed stainless steel folding knife with a precision 6" ruler as well as a metric scale. Weight 0.8oz, length 3" closed. On sale $23.50.

This is a very good product My face feels so smooth I'am so glad I bought the replacement brushes as I don't want to stop using this for a minute. I highly recommend the Oil of Olay cleansing face brush and get the replacement brushes at the same time. $8.49

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Padfolio Clipboard, Black Dot / See Jane Work®

Redness Relief Soothing Cream SPF 25 - Avène


Twitter / ASHheidenreich: IT'S PERFECT. @erincondren

Things just get more and more clever!

Cut'n Style Barbie yeah... I was inspired by this doll to cut my own hair... great idea.. i had a mowhawk for a year....

Dr Scholl's for Her Rub Relief Stick: Anti-friction stick glides on silky smooth and creates an invisible barrier between skin and shoes Instantly protects feet from irritation and shoe rubbing. Thanks to the bridesmaid who handed this to me at D's wedding : ) $5.46. #Dr. Scholls #Rub_Relief_Stick #Foot_Care

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