Use Amelia Bedelia to teach idioms and figurative language (foldable lesson)

An entire Pinterest board of idioms and figurative language.

Use these short videos to teach older children figurative language and inferences…fantastic post!

Great way to teach literal and figurative language. Even middle school students love it!

Figurative Language Scavenger Hunt Through Text + a FREE printable pack for figurative language | This Reading Mama

learning about Amelia Bedelia and cause and effect Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons: Amelia Bedelia

Reading Response Prompts

Perfect for teaching if..then reasoning for figurative language

Figurative Language Chart

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Idiom of the Week- love this idea!!

Figurative Language Anchor Chart

Figurative Language Bookmarks Manic Monday FREEBIE


Bring an Idiom to School! Get your students excited about learning idioms! Students collect object from around the house that represent idioms. It's a Show & Tell for big kids with an academic focus! See student examples and idiom form.

This is a list of 174 different Character Traits. My kiddos love using "simple" descriptors!! This list helps them to dig deeper and gives them replacement words!

200 Ways To Say Went

Free download. This useful chart can be used to show students the difference between showing details in their writing and telling about something.

Cool pics of idioms

Luminous Learning Summer #Math Boosters workbook contains 30 expertly crafted lessons to help students succeed and prepare for the next grade. Built-in supports such as visual aids, step-by-step directions, and clear examples guide students as they practice and master essential math skills. A great resource for students with learning disabilities!

▶ Figurative Language Examples in Songs: Part 1 - YouTube