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  • Casey Fry

    Ezra Caldwell, Fast Boy Cycles

  • The Cycling Bug

    Even in the face of major obstacles, Ezra Caldwell has been unable to keep away from the jig and out of the kitchen. His latest build, a well-heeled, single speed dark horse, is another example of Ezra’s love for creating bikes that are perfectly suited to riding around his beloved New York City. Each of them are burly, stylish, strong and sophisticated. Join the fastest growing social network for cyclists - THECYCLINGBUG.CO.UK #thecyclingbug #cycling #bike

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Ezra Caldwell surely knows how to craft a bike. Forget NYC, this would be an ideal ride for Copenhagen!

Cobbled together at DeusCYCLEWORKS for our resident Frenchman and head wrench at Camperdown, Jeremy Tagand. Featuring a re-chromed Guerciotti frame and fork with painted lugs by Dutchy.

Badass Fixed Gear cruiser style!! I want to build one now!

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Fat tire mountain bike with a kick ass camo paint job! Yes- they would never see you until you pass them!

Hey husband, since you're out there you should get a fixie bike so we can fall in love and ride bikes all the time.

One of the first stops on that trip would be to say g’day to Ezra Caldwell of Fast Boy Cycles. I’m a fan not only of the restrained and subtle sense of style he applies to his handmade frames, but also of his courageous spirit. He recently received a simple brief from Cory which must have read along these lines: make it tall and capable of carrying two six-packs of well-crafted beer. Read more:

My Panasonic Sport 500 took me many many miles, including a 900 mile trip down the West Coast