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My favorite line from this movie!

Bartok is my favorite. And this is my favorite animated quote. Probably favorite movie quote of all time!

The 10 Best SNL Crack-Ups Having a bad day? Watch this! Sooooo funny!

The 10 Best SNL Crack-Ups

The 10 Best SNL Crack-Ups Need cheering up? Watch this stuff, I was in tears laughing so hard, I love it when the cast can't hold it together!

My Dad Had All This Cellophane...#funny #lol #lolzonline

Funny pictures about Ryan Gosling Is The Creepy Cookie Guy. Oh, and cool pics about Ryan Gosling Is The Creepy Cookie Guy. Also, Ryan Gosling Is The Creepy Cookie Guy photos.

This movie came out when I was like 8, it took me a good 10+ years to understand this quote, lol

Doctor’s orders…

"Clueless"- didn't get this joke when i watched the movie for the first time but NOW I get it!

Little Rascals, then and now

The Little Rascals (Then & Now)

Little Rascals all grown up. More importantly, how did Spanky end up working at WalMart? Love this movie

"They just don't!" Lol! Still one of my favorite movies :)

"Happy people don't shoot their husbands" - Elle Wood , Legally Blonde Reese Witherspoon

hahaha love this movie

Sunday brunch (60 photos)

Easy A- good movie. Stanley Tucci & Patricia Clarkson in Easy A- BEST parents.

"Whatcha doing?" "You know, your Gammy wanted me to, you know chant. Chant from the heart." "Balls? That's what came to your heart?"

This is my favorite scene in the whole entire world! the Proposal = Love Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock.