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Photo (Falling for you.)

He got me out of the house yesterday....with absolutely zero make-up. ..and zero effort I hope that means something.

BE smart.... Si quieres ser plenamente feliz debes pensar muy bien sobre esta cita...a veces el cerebro bloquea la verdadera felicidad que te demanda el corazón

Saw this an had to pin it. Thinking of making a sign with this written on it. Love it because the first time I was about to tell Matt I loved him, I was nervous. He was smiling, an before I got to say it he said, "I know,....I love you too." Have not spent a day apart since. Love love this!

Fotos da cronologia - Carga de Trabalhos

.......ok, done waiting, he's never gonna come, I'm going to be alone forever, I'm going to be sad and alone, and I'm going to have a lot of cats, and I'm going to be a lonely ginger and no one will ever love me!!! Wait, it's only been 5 seconds? That's so long to wait for love!!!!.................did anyone realize I was joking?