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  • Guinness Metz

    Ninja Names! OMG Why do I love these things so much...

  • Sarah Beth

    what's your ninja name? mine *ari-ka-shi-ka-ri* - that's awesome!

  • MyHobbyShop

    What's your Ninja name? Mine is Takitatafu!! #humor #ninja

  • Angel Dillion

    Funny! Shane loves ninja stuff. He'll get a kick out of this.

  • Heather Wilson Rucks

    What's your ninja name? This made me laugh so hard when I did my name. Meet: Rikukachirikushi! Prepare to die by my sword. It is an honorable death. Teehee :)

  • Sarah Abernathy

    Ninja name. Funny. mine is arikashikari

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