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    • Grace Thompson

      "'am I really a writer? an I really an artist?' chances are you are. the counterfeit write innovator is wildly self-confident. the real one is scared." #quote

    • Chloe VanDuinen

      “If you find yourself asking yourself (and your friends), 'Am I really a writer? Am I really an artist?' chances are you are. The counterfeit innovator is wildly self confident. The real one is scared to death." #writing #amwriting, #inspiration #writetip

    • Life, Love, and Invictus

      I find this quote to be so true in my own life. I often tell myself that I'm not a real writer because a real writer "knows what they're doing." But really, a writer is simply a person who writes.

    • Josette Rojas

      I thought about this, and it really made sense, especially when relating it to, say..."America's Got Talent" or any of those shows...It's always the unsure ones who have the real talent and those who think they are SO great...usually suck.

    • s a r a

      Writing. Artists. Truth.

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    Late August, by Margaret Atwood

    You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens -Rumi ... unless it was never closed?

    I know a few of these peeps.

    I've got the quick wit and smart-ass comebacks to work on the other stuff

    fought to be her

    things happen for a reason #life #quotes



    Wow..... this is beautiful!!!! I want you to tell me........


    Gamble everything for love, never hold back when it comes to romance. Don't be afraid to get hurt, you were hurt before and survived so if it happens again you'll grow. Love like it's your first time... every time. Just don't invest more than you can walk away from. Love is a gift without stipulations.

    i love the way he writes

    Frida Kahlo

    She was always willing to burn for everything she has ever loved.

    Anais Nin - I want to hear ALL about you even if it takes for the rest of my life.

    “As my desire to bloom arrived, I flourished. No longer fearing the journey it takes to truly open and unfold. Deeply I breathe in as my breath is taken away. I found my voice, yet even as it lay dormant in the quiet As I stumbled in the sometimes darkness and fell, Standing back up brushing off the bruises I knew I had found my way.” ~Anais Nin

    This is lovely

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    e. h.

    more than enough