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Sunset Tower Hotel, Sunset Strip, Hollywood, Los Angeles

Hitchhiking on the Sunset Strip, Los Angeles, 1966.

The Tiffany theater Sunset Strip - saw so many movies here. Remember Rocky Horror late nights? :)

Sunset Strip 1939 - Perfect setting for a Detective Noir Novel and Movie... Hard Boiled Detective deceived by beautiful lady to rid her of a difficult situation...

Hotel Continental - Hyatt house AKA the Riot House- Sunset Strip 1960s. Well, it's kind of still there. Today it's transformed into the Andez Hotel.

Los Angeles (TWA) - designed by David Klein, 1958

Los Angeles Sun - for more inspiration visit

One of my favorites - it reminds me of Disneyland when I was a kid. I think it's the Mary Blair-esque sun.

Larchmont sign, Los Angeles