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Funny Teacher Week Ecard: 'I do this for the money,' said no teacher ever.

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So true.....LOL

'Oh yeah, I'll totally be able to stay awake til 10 on Friday night!' ......said no teacher ever.

For teachers, the month of August, is just one long Sunday night.

The cure for boredom is Pinterest. There is no cure for Pinterest...

This is so true! How are we (college students) supposed to fit our 3 5000 page books, notes and papers, and a laptop on that little desk?

1st World Problems... hahahaha, I've actually thought at least 3 of these things this week.

Whatever did we do with ourselves before our lives became so Pinteresting?

I set my clock ahead to prevent being late...all it really does is sharpen my subtraction skills

We may feel dressed up but secretly every woman knows maxi skirts are really just crotchless yoga pants....