This is perfect.

I truley think this son gwas written about cheerleading. I mean come on have you been to a JAMfest competiton? ;)

love this<3

Okay that's what I call a sweatshirt to wear if you are a personal trainer right there. If I'm paying you to train BETTER give me my money's worth.

Whhat I'd like to know is 2 things.. 1. How Jamie gets her hair so perfect, and 2. Why everyone on Cheetahs is gorgeous..

35 things that every cheerleader remembers...... Read the whole thing! I can yes definitely yes to pretty much all of these

glitter-on-my-infinities: to-be-fierce: bridget-alexis: New shirt #inlove #cheer I NEED THIS!!!! ASDFGHJK I need this!!!!

Cheerleading Confessions


Love my bow destiny Brooke got me!😍 Emily loves you girl!😻

Cheer bows for your stunt group pick your by CurlyNoodleCreations

YES YES YES!!!! ive seriously thought about me being that "super base" and here it is. Please tell me where to get it....please...

What are you? Cheerleading

Cheer Coach Cups Teacher Appreciation 16oz by LylaBugDesigns, $15.00

cheerleading competition t-shirt. Toooooo Cute!!!! Maybe idea for Raiders Cheer?????

I don't need an hour long game to prove what i do is a sport. give me two minutes and 30 seconds and I'll blow your mind.


IIt's funny because it's true.