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No matter what, you'll be my Prince and I'll be your Princess, because sometimes happily ever afters and dreams really do come true <3

Don't marry them if they don't. Know your worth.... And what you deserve.... I got one and I'm marrying him :)

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Top 45 relationship quotes

This is so true... Intimacy is far more powerful than pure sex in certain situations.... Try it!

the best boyfriend turns into the best husband =)

Relationships - BoyfriendHey, remember that sweatshirt I borrowed a while ago?yeah...what about it?just letting you know, the only reason you'll ever get that back is because it's lost its scent.I'll expect it back as soon as you have made it smell like you.That's fine, mostly because once it comes back, it smells like you :)awwwwwwww Good answer ;D

Yes but only to an extent... You can love someone with all your heart but if the deceive you, you can only forgive so many times....

You're the one that I stay up all night thinking about, coming up with cute things that I wish could happen...ha. so true