Firefly cast, then and now.

Firefly cast

The reason that Joss Whedon is amazing is because, while all of this is true, these women are more than one word. Zoe is strong, but she is also devoted to her husband. Inara is sexy, but also intuitive and spiritual. Kaylee is kind, optimistic, and almost ditzy, while River is silly and mischievous. They are all dynamic, like real women

Shiny. Firefly cast.

The cast of Firefly have a big damn imagination.

Oh my god, Nathan Fillion you are too funny for words.

Nathan Fillion on Castle as Captain Tight Pants. Firefly.

Firefly and Dollhouse were examples of Whedon's awesomeness and networks being thick.

Firefly and The Avenger

ⱷ•Firefly Les Femmes Poster Set}–⧽ {[≀Zoe•Washburne∿•∿Overlander's•Brigade≀]}» {[Megan Lara]} [600×1199] [Quantum Mechanix] []}⧽»

firefly cast


TARDIS Fly #doctorwho #firefly

Firefly / Serenity Probs my absolute favorite Kaylee/Wash interaction. I just love this.


art nouveau Firefly - Captain Mal


Big Damn Heroes

My favourite Firefly character: Kaylee (PS - wonder if the origins of this photo comes with the posting on FB)

Firefly Posters