Firefly cast, then and now.

No power in the 'verse. - The Ladies of his shows are one of the many reasons Joss Whedon is so awesome

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Everywhere I go, his eyes keep following me. The statue of Jayne.



Hehehe... The correct way to tell someone they are stupid. Nice.

Shiny. Firefly cast.

oh how I hope

“As far as Firefly is concerned, that will always be unfinished business. Serenity was a Band-Aid on a suckling flesh wound. I think every day about the scenes that I’ll never get to shoot and how badass they were. It’s nice to know that people still care about Firefly but it’s actual grief that I feel. It’s not something you get over, it’s just something you learn to live with.” - Joss Whedon

The cast of Firefly have a big damn imagination.



We'd watch it - as if there was ever any question. Firefly Season 2, anyone? Special Star Trek edition?

Top 15 Mandarin Swears from Firefly (and how to say them). This is amazing! (It does have some real swearz, folks, if that offends you, don't look. Otherwise, read on. AND LAUGH.)

Nathan Fillion with Firefly crew (Comic-Con 2011)


Firefly <3