Fishin' buddies. Too adorable!

Such a cute picture :)


Friends fishing together ♥

2 of my best friends never say a word to me! (Unless you count barks and whines as "words")


I want two rottweilers when I grow up and yes they will swim just like me and be named Bobo and Mildred :)

A little girl, her ice cream cone and her puppy. What more is there to say :-)

Watching and waiting.

Friends, just best friends

ahh love

This could almost be Trevor and Kahlua

Daddy, son, and their best friend! <3 it

Oh yeah- I love this. There is NOTHING better than driving around with a happy dog, face out in the wind!

looks like Opie and friends at the Mayberry watering hole...

Do you see what I see? here to find out more #Best Friend|

(via stella christ siem) Animals and love are so wonderful...and this is AN AMAZING SLIDESHOW! One of the the best "pins" I've ever seen! Thank you, God, for helping me to find this one! <3 (Thank you, Caitlin, too.)

Golden babysitter. Awwww

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adorable golden retrievers