Intense Study Tips. Her blog is the best for College students!! LOVE

Awesome writing hack!

A Long But Useful Website List You Need For Surfing On The Internet.

22 Science-Backed Study Tips to Ace a Test- this is great!

A Silver Snapshot: Back-To-School Study Tips

Using these tips to make today a more productive day. #4 and #10 are especially helpful! #DIY #Organization

Super useful tips on how to read your textbooks in college!

Tips and tricks for student success, wish they had given me one of these in High School!

for 102

Did you know? Studying in segments is better than marathon study sessions. Use this technique to study better.

Study tips

Study Tips

10 Study Tips that Actually Work - This is super handy - pin now for when you need it! #College #Students

Awesome example of rewriting and color-coding notes! The sooner you rewrite your sloppy notes after class, the more likely you are to remember what was covered IN class!

College tip

Checklist before classes

College survival skills from a study-skills professor who has taught thousands of students to succeed. Kindle or Nook editions cost less than a latte, and will help college students improve their memory, reading, test-anxiety, and much more. #college_study #college_reading #college_study_skills #college_stress #college #reading #success #Kindle #Nook #study #learning

College study tips! These will help you study smarter, not harder. #studytips #study #tips #studysmart

How to write a paper. this is so simple. and probably not useful for me anymore with only a couple months of school left...

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23 Science-Backed Study Tips to Ace a Test