Real bodies. Forget the Dove ads.

With a title like the one this article has, how could a Scorpio like me resist? The article itself was informative... The artwork... Not my favorite... Anyway, ladies... I recommend reading it.

How women REALLY see their bodies: We asked four women to pick their shape from a chart of body types used by psychologists with fascinating results...This is a very fascinating article on human psychology and how people perceive their bodies.

"I must admit, when I first saw the image my immediate reaction was a tense jaw, a pang of jealousy masked by a defensive thought– 'the women in the bottom image are more real'– and, admittedly, maybe even animosity toward those women in the Victoria’s Secret ad. 'So, in order to love my body, I should strive to look like this?' But the longer I sat with these images, I began to allow the brain spark-fest of profound realization. 'Wait a second… it goes both ways.'" Click to read full articl...

no comparison

What body part do YOU dry first after showering?

96 bodies you won't see on billboards but should. WHY? Because this is what we really look like. Diverse, amazing and unique. There is no right way to have a body

real women

PURCHASED! A Woman's Place is in The House and the Senate - #feminism !

This is a real person. Valeria Lukyanova is obsessed with looking like Barbie. She is completely insane (my opinion). She says she is from another planet. She is asexual and where she is from there are no children.


10+ reasons I love my ugly body - so inspirational, I look like this and will never "look good naked", but I can still be strong and fit.

How to lose weight according to your body type.

Store mannequins in Sweden. They look like real women. The US should invest in some of these

This is why we need feminism.

Antes y después photoshop

Real men love real women

Do Not Tell Me What To Do -- Women's T-Shirt Haha! This is a shirt!

embrace your bodies + curves! don't forget we're on the same team as our body—love it, treat it right and know you're unique + beautiful. This goes out to the ladies AND gents. By: Kathryn Budig