Tree/Leaf Identification

Identify trees with pictures

Permaculture Ideas - see also our 'weed of the week' scheme to help identify some useful 'weeds' to keep.

Common Wild Foods of Spring - Foraging Guide and Recipes, I don't know about eating all of this but it looks interesting...

Ladybug Identification

Tree leaf chart.

Beautiful fall leaf identification charts for Nature Study.

Tree Identification

How to Build a Campfire. This would be perfect for staff manuals.


rainbow leaf print

Tree Identification

File:Leaf morphology.svg

Winter twigs and buds - ash, alder, beech, horse chestnut, rowan, hazel, holly, dog rose, hawthorn, sycamore, blackthorn, field maple, birch, elder, oak, lime, lilac, larch, elm

Poison Ivy Killer: Prevent problems with poison ivy growing in your yard by adding 3 pounds of salt to a gallon of soapy water, and spraying the mixture on the leaves and stems of the poison ivy plants.

How to grow citrus trees & other fruits indoors

idea for nature notebook: attach 1/2 of the leaf and then you only have to draw 1/2... Leaf symmetry

Pruning for maximum yield- for my orchard.

These helpful gardening tips will help you what to plant and when!

Squarefoot Garden Plan (with companion planting)

Leaf patterned stepping stones, instead of one giant leaf I could see using many smaller leaves in a sort of mosaic pattern.