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19 People Who Are Doing Snapchat Just Right

This is a snap chat of a Punjabi man about to go through security at the airport. His caption " Bout to get randomly selected" has to do with racial profiling. He is aware that they most likely will give him a hard time because of his race, so he makes a joke out of the situation.

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I think I’ll pass…

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But Then She Gives You Those Puppy Eyes

well... that was unexpected


Is that you Linguini?



Evil idea…

haha oh gosh!


Some Smart Acts Of Vandalism…

Some Smart Acts Of Vandalism… That last one is near where I live and there was big controversy. But the others are so funny.


The most impersonal card ever…

The most impersonal card ever. Steve F. and Peter don't say happy birthday but Joe wishes it for himself...<<< he can wish himself a 'happy birthday' if he wants to