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    Colorful Nail Tips !


    paint dripping Nail polish

    Balloon nail art: three color colour nail design: white, black or grey and a colour for your balloon (red, green, blue, purple, pink) #Birthday 2013 #manicure #nailart

    diagonal stripe tipped mani with nail gems - delightful

    Look Elegant Beautiful with French Manicure Nail Designs 2014

    15 DIY Nail Tutorials With Scotch Tape - Fashion Diva Design

    How To: Splatter Paint Nails With the Olympic trials in full swing and the 4th of July right around the corner, I decided to get patriotic with my nail art this weekend! I searched for a quick and easy way to wear all 3 colors of the American flag and decided that splatter paint would be the perfect (and easiest) way to do it!

    Music Notes- I just think this is the coolest nail art ever. musical nails :)

    Accent nail tutorial

    all that you need is a clear bass coat and then make the tip of your nail pink and then make a black line going acrossed the pink on top then take a tooth pick and lightly make the black come down in a little color and then finsh it off with a little coat of silver going on top of the black. :) good luck

    all you need is water and tape and fingernail polish and you are set to go.. first you paint your finger nails white, then you tape the skin around the nail, then drop differnt colors of nail polish in the water and then you can make a designs in the water then place two fingers in at a time :) good luck

    my cupcakes :) really you can make them any color you want

    Black and pick then also a tool for the dots

    clear, red, black and silver