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  • Holly Carroll

    My knights in shining armor. And Merlin. 3 moreorlesscrazy yup i m a nerd

  • Kristin Ali

    BBC Merlin; Knights of Camelot <3

  • Crystal Call

    L to R: Sir Leon, Percival, Merlin, Lancelot, Elian, Gwain, and King Arthur in the front, enough said!! My beautiful Merlin boys

  • Mindy Bayko

    Merlin, King Arthur, and the knights of the round table. #Merlin (Bradley James, Colin Morgan, Tom Hopper, Eoin Macken)

  • Amy Whittaker

    Knight's of the round table Merlin BBC

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Knights of Merlin ~I know there's a blatant absence here, but in my defense there is a coat of arms, apparently fashioned from a suit jacket.

Alex really seems to be nice .... Too bad that I well, you know....ugh, Mordred

The fav four (although I like Gaius and the Dragon more than two of the people here... won't name names)

Watch Merlin they said. It'll be fine they said. DOES THIS LOOK LIKE THAT?!?

No. He's referring to the fact you wear the same clothes EVERY DAY OF YOUR LIFE.

Most of the time, when a character is blonde-haired, blue-eyed and muscular, I write them off immediately. There are four exceptions to this rule: Captain Kirk, Thor, Lestat, and our resident clotpole, Arthur. Yeah, I'd follow him.

"No, I really am that stupid, and if you don't believe me, watch."

I love that you can see how much he loves her. And I love that he never has a love interest after her. (I consider Merthur more of a bromance between friends)

☆ The Most Loyal Servant :¦: By *Whimsycatcher ☆

Adorable... and Richard hovering there in the background is hilarious for some reason. #merlin

I think they should put this around the college to encourage kids to read and study!!!! I think I'll suggest this!!!!! It would be good for a graphic design class! Maybe we could make our own!!!!