River Song so pretty!

♥ Love Doctor Who ♥ ~Matt Smith, Alex Kingston, Karen Gillian, Arthur Darvill~

The Beautiful Fabulous Alex Kingston

Alex Kingston

Alex Kingston.

Companions and their rightful TARDIS interiors

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The Ponds rule

The Doctor and River. This is love

Hello Sweetie!

Hello, sweetie!

This picture of Alex Kingston is so good!

"Oh, hello!" (You just did it again didn't you)

River Song and the Eleventh Doctor-- Alex Kingston and Matt Smith-- I just love this of those 2!

My heart stopped in that moment and from the look on her face, Rivers' did too. I really couldn't believe that he had ignorage her all this time

"But you'll still save me, though. Because he would. And you'd never do anything to disappoint your precious Doctor." "The Doctor is very precious to me, you're right. But do you know what else he is? Not here. River Song didn't get it all from you, sweetie."

"Hello, sweetie."


Amy is still too devastated to grasp what River is saying, while Rory looks like he's been hit by a ton of bricks.

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Sexy trouble!