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Whimsical Backgrounds | Whimsical tree on night background



warm colors

From exhibit "Ms. Welling's 2012-13 Portfolio"

So cute!!

Winter Tree and Blue Moon in watercolour, wash and ink~ (sans artist's name)

Abstract Tree

ORIGINAL ABSTRACT PAINTING red tree Mondern Vibrant Color Bright Erback Art Surreal. $275.00, via Etsy.

Amy Giacomrlli Painting Original Large Abstract Modern Contemporary... Ready to hang ... 24 x 48 .. "Magical Dreams". $380.00, via Etsy.


I love the colors!

All is interrelated. Heaven and earth, air and water. All are but one thing; not four, not two and not three, but one. Where they are not together, there is only an incomplete piece. ~~ Paracelsus

Erin Ashley Art - love these colors

Tree of Colors


Starry starry night