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After seeing this, my summer was a waste of time…

Water mat. You can lie on it, and play on it, tan on it, and it won't sink!

Home should always be a Retreat... especially when you live in the Catskill Mountains ;) Need, "Mountain House Rules"

Zilborrerstea is a deck that you can use in water bodies like lakes or the beaches. Hop onto it, rest a while or simply sunbathe.

haha could say go jump in the pond @Cindy Payne

This would be my ideal book reading atmosphere!

If the water ever comes back up at the lake, this is a must-have for the Hudson's 4th of July party.

First thing that came to mind is geez that would look like a whale from underneath. Megaladon would bite the shit out of those people! Lol shark week...

lake spend the entire summer at the lake if i had this bad boy right hurrr

Don't we need this girls? There's drink holders!