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bucket list: get kissed under a waterfall. I've been kissed under a waterfall from a pool but that doesn't count

Before I die, I want to ...

The Real-Life "Up" Movie House: Interior Photos

Bucket List : Visit the house in Up. It resides in Herriman, Utah, in case you're wondering. Ps in up it dosnt have a garage

wish nick didnt have a job that he gets called in for bad weather

Curl up with someone special and watch the snow fall. (If it would snow, I could actually accomplish this!

Party on a yacht. #bucketlist

Party on a yacht before I die / bucket list


Have a perfect kiss in the snow on a quiet winter night. preferably while the snow falls softly all around us

this is just funny haha

Como Cortejar A Un Hombre Aries

The Atlantic Ocean: done ✅! The Pacific Ocean: not yet! The Indian Ocean: not yet! The Arctic Ocean: not yet! The Southern Ocean: not yet!

bucket list: watch the sunrise the the beach.I've seen the sunset at the beach.just beautiful!

things to do before you die | Things-to-do-before-you-die-43

Learn to not care what others think of me - goal of 2015

To true #tumblr #girl #bedroom

✅bucket list ~cover my bedroom walls with lights, pictures & lyrics! my rooms like that

Bucket List - Dance in the rain

I Danced with my Step brother in the rain . great brother to steal apples with and Dance in the rain . do you wanna rain dance .

and check to see if we can find the underworld from Persey Jackson there

Welcome to Hollywood! What's your dream? this is Hollywood, land of dreams. Some dreams come true, some don't; but keep on dreamin' - this is Hollywood. Always time to dream, so keep on dreamin'

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Things to do! Except not the "online friends" part for me. and I've already made a pretty legit dream catcher.

With a blow up boyfriend.

Just a blanket me and my sweet honey watching the stars all night.

Done. :) with the greatest love I'll ever know

Kiss Under Fireworks / Bucket List Ideas / Before I Die


Cuddle next to a Campfire. Even better if the campfire is on a Beach with my wonderful hubby!


Kiss in the rain - check (; just now hehe he's so romantic!