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I saw the Almost Maine Northern Lights, but it would be awesome to see the real thing

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New Aurora Pictures: Surprise Shows Due to Earth-Shield Cracks

Northern Lights from Norway

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5 Amazing Hotels You Need To Visit Before You Die!

Best way to see the Northern Lights... if only they had this in Iceland. Finland is on the list, just not at the top with Iceland.

have a home library..I love reading all the time, so I might as well make it a bedroom library.

Fly First Class - This is in my dream book/bucket list!! Would you like Extra income? Residual income? Willable income? Work from home? Work around family? Money? Freedom? Choices? Then be coached on a 1:1 basis by me to build a successful business!! Your dreams are waiting..

I'm putting this on my bucket list even though according to the news in LA I went to a paint rave last year!

Bucket List: Stay at least a couple nights in Disney World, definitely stay in Cinderella's Castle or at least, eat breakfast with all the princesses!

Bucket list. go paddle boarding. I did this summer 2014 but want to do it again and get picture proof!

put a peice of gum on the gum wall in seattle. Gross but fun at the same time! only because my best freind & i used to have a gum locker in high school which we had everyone add to in between classes. so I can appreciate it, haha!

Must go one day.

Must go one day.

The new addition to my Bucket List…

Must go one day.

I ALMOST did this. I was at a cabin with friends and they went cliff jumping an hour BEFORE i got to the cabin:p

Bucket List: Fine P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney. (I've seen pictures online, it's a dentist office!)

Go on a no-budget shopping spree / although I'm not very keen on shopping as a form of entertainment I'd love to try this / #BeforeIDie #Before #I #Die

Just like in the movie A WALK TO REMEMBER when he buys her a star! Ahhhhh