During the golden age of illustration, celebrity artists such as Norman Rockwell worked with models to stage photographs which were used as reference for their paintings. Fishing themes were common in illustrations in the Saturday Evening Post and other publications 1920's. On the back of this photo is a message, "With much love, Aunt Celia." From BADRAP's personal collection. (http://www.badrap.org/vintage-photos)

Vintage photo of dog and boy

~ Oh My , how cute!

1912 photo

Chronically Vintage: Celebrating Annie's 1st birthday with 25 darling black and white vintage dog photos

+~+~ Antique Photograph ~+~+ Studio portrait of boy and his Boston Terrier.

vintage dog photo .

vintage everyday: Interesting Old Photographs of Dogs and Their Owners

best friends

Pink Boston Art Print – Joanna Baker - Available from $20 on http://shop.joanna-baker.com =)

Jill Freedman “Listowell, county Kerry”

Great Dane

A Girl And Her Dog

Photo of the Day « Spearmint Baby- I could see benelli doing this haha

:::::::::: Antique Photograph :::::::::: Love the adorable expression on the dog's face as he sits at attention with the children.

** Vintage Photo Booth Picture ** Older woman with the most adorable dog. From the book American Photobooth by Nakki Goranin.

Back rub

Boston Terrier Necklace..I like this pendant

boy and dog