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Maths. Haha this is funny

Hahaha oh math jokes! This is too funny!!!!!

Not to go off on a tangent, but it could be a sine.

haha me too... exclamation points really don't belong in math

OH. MY. GOSH. IT'S CHEM CLASS ALL OVER AGAIN. Im horrible at math but Im so proud that I actually understood these puns!

You know you're a math nerd when you can find dance moves in calculus... So gonna show this to my students one day

  • Katie S

    The square root of a negative number is imaginary... It couldn't possibly be a dance move...

  • Krysta Camp

    Unless your x value is negative to begin with. For instance if x=-16, then √[-(-16)]= 4. Then the domain for this function is x<0.

  • Abigail Alix

    Or if it's the root of an odd number. like the cubed root of -x, the 5th root of -x, etc.

Hahaha *snort* #baby #science #geeky Repinned from Claudette Page: Start them young with

Funny Picture Dump Of The Day – 63 Pics


Oh my goodness...ahahha. I would totally rather read this saga than the twilight saga!

Is this what my teacher meant when she said we'd use math in life?